Through the bordering lands of Trás-os-Montes - the Tourém track

Near the village of Tourém and the dam of Salas (Montalegre), the suggestion is a tour through Peneda-Geres, prepared by Adere-PG, the entity in charge of developing a number of activities within the park.

Tourém is a typical mountain village in the municipality of Montalegre. It is located on the plateau of Mourela, near the River Lima, surrounded by the peaks of the Gerês mountains and the villages of Galicia. The walk is clearly signposted and begins at the Capela da Senhora do Rosário, at the northern entrance of the village of Tourém. Follow the sign that indicates the beginning of the route. Hence, go through the village and admire the rich set of buildings, standing out the monumental community oven, in stone, with walls reinforced with buttresses, which has a capacity for 40 cornbreads and still in use. Continuing our journey, the village is left behind and as we go up we can enjoy the magnificent scenery around us: the stone walls that separate the marshes and little meadows, and the granite houses of the village down in the valley. The route now takes us through a grove of oaks. Here the fauna is rich in birds of prey and partridges. The descent to the dam starts a little later. Then we follow by an old road that leads back to the village of Tourém, where you can still see a few houses covered with thatch.

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