Through the Corgo Valley

Integrated into the sub-region of Alto Tâmega, the municipality of Vila Pouca de Aguiar is located towards the north of the Vila Real district, between the mountains of Alvão and Padrela. Here we suggest a walk through the valley of the river Corgo.

A very old parish, Telões dates back to times prior to the founding of the nation, with many traces left by the megalithic people, Romans, Goths and Arabs. The route is clearly marked. The path goes on amidst cultivated fields, bordered by oaks, alder and cherry trees, leading us to the Ermida de São Gonçalo. From here, continue on a path parallel to the Corgo river to the village of Gralheira, where you head towards the playground, by its left and continuing in the direction of Tourencinho. Cross the village and go up, following a path through granitic massifs, typical of this landscape. Soon after crossing Ribeira de Chã de Vales, through the weir, the path ends at a forest road, where you turn left towards the geodesic mark of Roxo. The level of this forestry road is quite even. After about three and a half kilometers, descend onto the right to Zimão. follow through the village, taking the main access road to lead you back to the point where the journey began.

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