To Cascais through the Estoril Line

A visit to Cascais, combining the Estoril Line train and a walk by the seawall. The mouth of the Tagus and the Atlantic as reference points in this tour, ideal for a sunny day.

There are trains to Cascais since 1889, although only after 1895 they began to have their Cais do Sodre terminal. In 1926 this line was the first in Portugal to be electrified. Much of the journey is made by the sea, giving an added value to this tourist train journey. Between Cais do Sodre and Caxias, you enjoy the presence of the river, interrupted only by a few areas of former warehouses of the Port of Lisbon. Then it is a parade of monuments from the ancient Central Tejo (Electricity Museum), the Jeronimos, Cultural Center and Tower of Belem. After Algés, the rails follow the water very closely, this being one of the most beautiful sections of the trip. From Paço D'Arcos the train runs a little more inland, allowing, though, some glimpses of the Atlantic. Upon arrival to São Pedro do Estoril, again the sea can be seen. And you can see it much more closely if you leave the train at this station, cross the Marginal road and follow by the cycleway that through the top of the cliff almost reaches São João do Estoril. On the way there is the Interpretation Center of Ponta do Sal. If you go down to the beach of Azarujinha, you will be on the start top of the wall that leads to Cascais rail station. If you continue on train, exit at Estoril. Have a drink on Tamariz terraces or in the Arcadas overlooking the gardens of the casino. Then, go for a relaxing walk by the sea to Cascais. Once in the village you may go through the cosmopolitan Rua Direita to scroll through the terraces at the Largo do Camões. Further, you have the Marina, the Fortaleza da Luz or the Parque Marechal Carmona. The return to Lisbon will be made by train and chose well your seat as to take full advantage of the views of the bay of Cascais. Access By Estoril Line from the Cais do Sodré station (connection to the Underground). To have into account A trip to do preferably in the morning (or weekend), so as to avoid the afternoon rush hour, with the return of people living on the line and working in the capital. Other The walking part of this tour can start in the station of São Pedro do Estoril, walking the cycleway between Ponta do Sal and São João do Estoril, and from there descending to the seaside promenade that leads to Cascais. Meals Seaside restaurants and terraces between São João, Estoril and Cascais. Other spots to visit Arcadas in Estoril; Marina and Fortaleza de Nossa Senhora da Luz, in Cascais.

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