To the Queluz Palace through the Sintra Line

A practical way to visit one of the finest Portuguese palaces without worrying about traffic jams nor parking. The Sintra Line railway station is at a 20 minutes walking distance.

With the Sintra Line arriving to the Rossio Station in the center of Lisbon, it is convenient to take the train to Queluz. And so you can visit a monument, which is outstanding from all points of view: the building, its contents and its gardens. The train leaves Rossio, swiftly passing by the rehabilitated tunnel. Then, you will see the Campolide station and the impressive Águas Livres Aqueduct. Henceforth the trip has the most attractive landscape and quickly arrives at Queluz. If you leave at the main station (Queluz-Belas) you have some nice pastries right there to tempt you with a few more calories. This being the case, you should follow by Rua António Enes and Avenida da República, which was partially transformed into a wooded lane that leads to the palace gates. If you leave the train at the next Monte Abraão station, just follow the directions to the palace. The final access is via a landscaped area, often used as a place for walking and jogging in weekends. The palace, main goal of this trip, was built by the husband of Queen Mary I, who would become King Peter III. The construction, initially under the direction of Mateus Vicente, started in 1747. Later, a second architect would come into play - Robillon, a French architect. One more reason for this palace and its beautiful gardens to evidence the influence of the favorite palace of the contemporary French king, Louis XIV. As far as the palace itself is concerned, one must emphasize the Throne, the Ambassadors and the Music Halls, in addition to the grand staircase of the Lions. Access By Sintra Line, getting out at the Queluz-Belas or Queluz-Monte Abraão Stations. To have into account To better enjoy this tour, avoid the afternoon rush hour When With good weather, regardless of season. Other From Monte Abraão station, the walk is a bit shorter and has its last section through a landscaped area. Meals Palácio d’El-Rei (T. 214350674), by the Palace Other spots to visit Fábrica da Pólvora between Massamá and Barcarena.

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