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Noble city crowned by Caramulo

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Although the city of Tondela is situated in Besteiros Valley next to Asnes river stream, the rest of the council offers a diversified landscape, which also covers part of Caramulo Mountain and a long plateau crossed by Dão river. With an economy based on agriculture and livestock breeding, which includes the production of the Dão wine, locals work in poultry industry, forestry and metal industry. Those who visit the region can not miss Caramulo Museum, divided in two sections: the first has valuable paintings, signed by famous masters such as Picasso, Dali and Miró, while the other one focuses on automobile history, exhibiting some of the most important classical models. In the town, the fountain Chafariz das Sereias (18th century) deserves a special attention, because of its beautiful front. Across the county there are still several century-old pillories and magnificent manor houses, such as Solar de Sant 'Anna and Solar de Besteiros, as well as the ancient Megalithic vestiges in the dolmen Anta da Arquinha da Moira and in rock art site of Molelinhos.


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