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castelo de Torres Novas
Castelo de Torres Novas
Igreja Matriz de Nossa Sr.ª da Graça
Teatro Maria Noémia
Monumento à Juventude
Rio Almondega - Pérgola
Reserva Natural do Paúl do Boquilobo
Gruta da Nascente do Almonda


The fortress of the Almonda

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The city began to be drawn around the castle, a unique monument in the country with its 11 towers, and has expanded over the centuries down the hill to the riverbank of Almonda river, whose small bridges are ideal for a walk in these lands. Today, when we observe town's medieval fortress, we clearly understand why the Greeks, Romans, Celts and Arabs settled here fought so hard for the control of the fortress, which was destroyed so many times that it ended up having succeeding…new towers (“Torres Novas”). In fact, the whole valley is easily controlled from its walls, which was an important strategic advantage. In recent decades, the geographical location of the city created a major centre of transports and product distribution, which ultimately promoted textile and metallurgical factories located in the council. Among the places worth visiting in Torres Novas, we highlight Misericórdia Church, São Salvador Church, Santiago Church and Municipal Museum Carlos Reis. The main attractions around the city are: the garden Jardim da Avenida with its leafy trees next to Almonda river; the square Largo do Paço that has one of the most beautiful palaces of the city; the Fish Market wit its iron-based architecture; Medieval Jewish quarter and the street Rua Alexandre Herculano, the main commercial street of the city leading to the river, where you will see a beautiful waterwheel. In the surroundings of the city, there are also several interesting highlights, such as Natural Park Paul do Boquilobo, Lapa grouts and the Roman Villa of Cardilio.


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