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History and modernity


Strategically situated at the crossroads between Minho and Porto, the coastline and the inland, Trofa is placed in a fertile valley crossed by Ave river full of promising industries, especially metal-mechanic and pharmaceutical industries. Entrepreneurial development and its proximity to Porto led to the creation of a suburban area; however you can still walk along beautiful green hills and even bathe in a river beach. Even though this is one of the most recent councils of the country, it offers an interesting architectural cultural heritage with origins that date back to Pre-History. Its oldest monuments are Monte Grande tumulus and Alvarelhos fort hill, which was built in the Iron Age. Apart from these monuments, you should also visit the Main Church of Santiago de Bougado conceived by Nicolau Nasoni and the Chapel of Nossa Senhora das Dores, the stage of a crowded procession held in August, attracting thousands of believers. This land of great faith but also of artists, it is said that the first image of Nossa Senhora de Fátima was created here, revealing the importance of sacred art in this council.


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