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River and mountain

The 267m high council of Vale de Cambra includes nine civil parishes. It is located in the flood plains of Caima river, a Vouga tributary river. Vale de Cambra is council’s headquarters since 1926. It became a city in 1993. Corn and green wine are among its main riches. Municipal Museum, situated in the former Town Hall building, in Maceira de Cambra, assembles interesting archaeology and ethnography collections. A Manueline pillory lies in front of it. In Roges villages, you should visit 17th century calvary and the parish church. The main gastronomic specialities are roasted veal, sausages, corn bread and crème brûlé. Line production, wool and cotton weaving, chests and basket manufacturing, along with fireworks (pirotecnia) are also very traditional activities.


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