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A jewel of Lima river

Viana do Castelo was known for years as Viana da Foz do Lima, Viana do Minho and Viana de a-par-de Caminha, in order to be distinguished from other “Vianas”. However, in 1848 it became a city by Queen D. Maria II decree and was definitely called Viana do Castelo. The city rises next to Lima river estuary in a fertile valley, which is the city’s natural entrance. River, mountain and sea make it particularly beautiful. The historical centre has several monuments, testimonies of many centuries of the most diversified architecture styles. The city has benefited from recent transformations in streets and squares, as well as the creation of pedestrian paths and an urban bike path. The road ring that involves the ancient zone and the construction of underground parking’s had significantly reduced traffic. Viana do Castelo can be easily reached by modern highways, and it attracts several visitors. It is the ideal place for nautical sports, due to its location by the river and the sea. Leisure boats dock in the marina, which lies in front of the city garden. Apart from the landscape and the historical value, Viana do Castelo is a must-see destination, rich in ethnography, handicraft and gastronomy.


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