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Cavalos no campo
moinho no Guadiana
O Rio Guadiana
Interior de um moinho do Guadiana
Ponte Romana


Land of wine

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The first references to Vidigueira date back to 1255, the opening date of São Cucufate Monastery. Situated in the north extreme of Baixo Alentejo region, Vidigueira council has four civil parishes. Its main economical activities are agriculture, cattle breeding, forestry and food industry. Vidigueira is located in denomination of origin region that produces quality wines. The landscape is diversified, covering apple trees, gardens, vines, vast cereal plantations and Guadiana valley. In terms of monument heritage, our attention should be drawn to the castle, from whom only the keep remained; Town Hall and the Clock Tower. The bell of this tower was offered by Vasco da Gama, admiral of the first voyage to India (in 1498) and first Vidigueira Count, in 1520. The council is also popular for its hunting zone, some of them with good conditions for fishing. Local gastronomy specialities include: the typical “açordas” (bread-based speciality), stews and river fish stew ( “caldeirada”), always served with the prestigious regional wines. As far as handicraft is concerned, this council has a tradition in tile works, ceramics and wood.


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