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Albufeira da Barragem da Caniça
Ponte sobre o Rio Ave
Serra da Cabreira
Ponte da Misarela
Barragem do Ermal
Ilha do Ermal


Between river and mountain

Vieira do Minho town is council’s headquarters, embracing 21 civil parishes. It rises south from Gerês, covering a part of Gerês Nature Park. In the north and east, it is delimited by Cabreira mountain. It is a natural paradise, where you can find cork oaks, strawberry trees, oak trees and birch trees, as well as wild pines, chestnut trees and American oaks, thanks to a long tradition of forest management. It has an abundant fauna, because of its large water supply. In terms of tourism, Cabreira mountain and some traditional villages as Agra, for instance, are the main highlights, along with Ave riverbanks, Ermal reservoir and legendary Misarela bridge.


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