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The centre of Portugal

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It is said that Vila de Rei is at the Centre of Portugal, which is by no means overstated. Country’s geodesic vertex is located here, known as Picoto da Melriça, one of the first national geodetic pillars (1802), a reference of continental cartography. The council, inhabited since Celt and Roman times, sets the transition between central massif mountains and Tejo valley. In the west, its territory goes down to the margins of Castelo de Bode reservoir (Zêzere river), one of the greatest in Portugal. In the south in Abrantes direction, you should visit peculiar Fragas do Rabadão viewpoint, located in an arm of that endless inner sea. Penedo Furado river beach is also one of the most visited places in this municipality, offering abundant vegetation, waterfalls and panoramic views. If you have the time, take a walk in the well-preserved Água Formosa village known for its typical schist houses, lying upon the valley slope.


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