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The land of the Discoveries

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The council of Vila do Bispo has two extremely different coast types: the western coast with hot waters and smooth waves and the typically Mediterranean southern coast with high cliffs hit by an angry sea. A good deal of the municipality is located in the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast, preserving both the wild flora and fauna and also a certain way of life. Agriculture is an importance source of income, namely the production of cereals, grain, fig and almond. However the greatest richness of the council is the town of Sagres, where you will find the end of Sacred Promontory, Sagres Point, whose 50m high steep cliffs hang over the south-western most spot of the Portuguese coastline. Its inlet forms an excellent natural port that during the Discoveries’ period received ships and galleys. The School of Sagres may have been housed here under the leadership of Infant D. Henrique. This was the centre where sailor men were prepared for the Discoveries epopee. East of Sagres Point I situated Cape S. Vicente, connecting both coastlines and two seas of the council. North of this cape, you will find several small beaches (Castelejo, Cordoama, Barriga, and so on) sheltered in the cliffs, the ideal place for surfers, sport fishing fans and Nature lovers. West from the council’s headquarters is located Torre de Aspa, the highest rock of the Algarve, which is 156m high. It is worth going there, even if you have to walk for 2 km, for there is no better place to contemplate the coastline up to Cape São Vicente and Sagres Point.


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