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Castelo de Almourol
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The Tagus princess crowned by Almoroul

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The whole social and economical existence of this council relies on Tagus river. That is why Vila Nova da Barquinha was so disputed since ancient times, developing greatly during the Christian Conquer. More recently, its privileged location transformed it an important commercial port (salt, wood and olive oil) that only declined with the development of railways and roads. There are extremely beautiful churches and chapels spread throughout the council, but the main tourism attraction of the region is indeed the charming Almoroul Castle built in the 12th century in a small islet of Tagus river. Even today this is the stage of several legends that tell the stories of forbidden loves between Moors and Christian princesses or adventures of knights and giants. Some people even believe that this was the place where the Templar Knights have hidden the mythical Holy Grail. In the margins of the Tagus river, visitors will also find picturesque villages such as Arrepiado or Tancos; bucolic places and good restaurants that became used to the Tagus floods. In Tancos, there is also an important military basis for troop training.


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