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Romance at the heart of Minho region

Despite being on of the most industrialised councils in the North of the country, Vila Nova de Famalicão still provides pleasant places and a rich natural, historical and cultural heritage. Century-old churches and chapels, Roman briges and Medieval monasteries – such as Landim and Arnoso Monasteries – recall the important past of these plain lands at the heart of green Minho region. This legacy is also revealed in the numerous museums of this municipality, such as Bernardino Ribeiro Museum, evoking the life of former President of the Portuguese Republic; the Museum of Textile Industry, the most representative of the council; or Lousado Railway Museum. However, the most relevant one is Camilo Castelo Branco Museum-House, where the writer lived and wrote some of his works. His legacy can be felt not only in this place called São Miguel de Ceide, but also in the several places and landscapes so vividly depicted in his novels. The restaurants of Vila Nova de Famalicão offer a rich gastronomy, typical of Minho region, with traditional specialities such as “papas de sarrabulho” (typical Portuguese stew) or “rojões” (small fried meat pieces).


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