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Passeio junto ao Douro, Ponte D. Luis e Barcos Rebelo
Serra da Sr.ª do Pilar e Ponte D. Luis
Casa da Família Barbôt
Casa do Fojo
Igreja Mosteiro de Pedros
Solar dos Condes Resende
Praia do Sr. da Pedra
Paisagem do Douro
Pôr-do-Sol no Douro


Port Wine city


Situated in the left margin of Douro river, enjoying since immemorial times a recognised mercantile importance, Vila Nova de Gaia reached high prosperity in the 18th century with the settlement of artisans, merchants and tradesmen in the riverside houses and warehouses. Port Wine stands out as its main wealth. Most part of new wine is transported from Douro valley to century-old wine cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia, where the warehouses of the first tradesmen began to be built. The wine ages here during several years. Until 1986, all wine meant for trade had to be sent from Vila Nova de Gaia wine cellars. The city is close to Porto thanks to the existence of numerous bridges. In recent years, the cit has won a new life, since several zones were renewed, namely the riverside area (the so-called Gaia Quay) and Av. Da República, between Town Hall and Serra do Pilar Monastery. Porto light railway circulates in this latter track, coming from the upper platform of D. Luís bridge. In the coastal front, beaches and water lines have been embellished between Cabedelo and São Félix da Marinha thanks to the construction of an Atlantic bike path that became a council highlight.


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