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Igreja de Fráguas
Património Religioso - Vila Cova à Coelheira
Igreja de Fráguas
Chafariz de Vila Cova à Coelheira
Fontanário na Câmra Municipal
Fontanário de Pendilhe
Alpodras Vila Cova à Coelheira


Mountainous land crossed by the Paiva river

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Called Barrelas until the end of the 19th century, Vila Nova de Paiva is a mountainous council’s headquarters. 80 per cent of its territory is over 800m high. The landscape is covered by schist, forest and three rivers that cross the municipality: the Paiva, considered one of the purest rivers in Europe; Côvo river, its tributary river and Rebentão river. Such an awesome nature invites to walking, diving in river beaches and good traditional gastronomy based on river fish, regional animal hunting, such as the rabbit, the partridge, the wild duck and the wild boar. Due to its fertile lands and hunting richness, this council has been inhabited for a long time by Man, as shown by the dolmens Anta da Queiriga and Pandilhe Dolmen, the greatest necropolis of Viseu council. In the town, you should draw your attention to the main church, which is simple outside but impressive inside; the Roman bridge and Town Hall building. In the rest of the municipality, we highlight the peculiar pillory of Alhais de Baixo (with dour masks), the main church and the pillory of Fráguas and the fort hill ruins of Vila Cova à Coelheira.


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