Cliffs and mountains that keep Tejo river

This council is crossed by Tejo, Ocreza and Pônsul rivers, providing it with a green refreshing landscape, surrounded by forest, agricultural fields, olive tree and fruit tree plantations. Its lands have been inhabited since ancient times, as shown by Cave Paiting Art Complex of Tejo Valley, where you can still contemplate in the rocks’ engravings representations of animals, human figures and sun-related motifs. Town’s highlights are Portas de Ródão, an imposing striking portal that still preserves species in danger of extinction, such as the black storck, eagle owl and birds of prey. Must-visite attractions are: an absolutely typical village of this region, Foz do Cobrão, and Ródão Castle, a former Medieval fortress and an excellent example of viewpoint tower, built un a strategically valuable place. This region offers excellent conditions for nautical sports, sport fishing, climbing, walking tours, mountain biking and hunting. Its spontaneous vegetation created a high quality honey. Olive oil is among region best products, when olive trees are plantaded in the right soils and the transformation methods are carried out in traditional wine press rooms.

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