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Stretching through the plains at the foothill of Borba mountain range, Vila Viçosa was named so, because of its fertile lands (the Portuguese word “viçosa” means fertile). This council’s headquarters includes five civil parishes. In 1270, Vila Viçosa was given the “foral” (Royal document) and it then became a town and head of council. The first King of Portugal’s fourth dynasty – D. João IV, Duke of Bragança - was appointed here in 1640, putting an end to 60 years of Spanish ruling. King D. Carlos and his son D. Luís Filipe were murdered in 1908 in Lisbon, coming back from Vila Viçosa. Monarchy barely survived regicide, and Republic settled on October 5th 1910. Council’s main economical activity is marble extraction. The region offers a quite interesting heritage with its monuments, manor houses, churches and museums. The Duke Palace – Paço Ducal – is particularly striking.


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