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Se de Viseu - Fachada Lateral
Igreja da Misericórdia
Igreja dos Terceiros de S. Francisco
Igreja da Misericórdia à noite
Barragem de Fagilde
Pelourinho e Sé à noite
Fontanário do Parque do Fontelo
Jardim do Fontelo
Parque do Fontelo


Heritage and modernity

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District’s headquarters, Viseu is one of the cities that developed in a more sustainable way. The historical centre is considerably well-preserved, while new developing areas are quite vast and wide. It is said to be the cradle of legendary warrior Viriato, hero of the resistance against Roman occupation. A defensive structure of that epoch, situated in the north side of the city – Cava de Viriato – is a testimony of those struggles. The Medieval zone around the cathedral is very interesting. The museum dedicated to the greatest Portuguese Renaissance painter is located in the cathedral square. As in many other Portuguese cities, Rua Direita continues to maintain an ancient flair, concentrating interesting traditional trade. It gastronomy is fairly famous. The vines that produce prestigious Dão wines are located around the city. In the surroundings, there are several thermal stations of different dimensions and economic importance, due the particular characteristics of its subsoil. Two of the main Portuguese highways cross here: A25 to Vila Real and Chaves and A25 from Aveiro to Guarda and Vilar Formoso border.


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