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From Roman baths to Queen of thermal stations

Vizela’s recent history is deeply related to a strong industrialisation process, mainly in textile, clothing and shoe sectors. However, this municipality has also a millenary past, mainly set upon the healing properties of its sulphurous waters. Thermal stations Termas de Vizela are among the most famous ones in the country. Already explored by the Romans, this civilisation left an important heritage legacy in the region. For instance, São João Roman bridge or the swimming pools of that time, covered by mosaics with excellent finishing, as you can see from some exhibited examples in Martins Sacramento Museum in Guimarães. Council’s heritage includes beautiful houses and religious temples that testify population’s deep-rooted faith, such as São Bento sanctuary or São João Church. Similar to its neighbours in Minho region, Vizela also offers an excellent gastronomy with a unique sponge cake speciality (the so-called “bolinho”), known for its uncommon rectangular shape.


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