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Igreja Matriz
Igreja de S. Freigil
Igreja da Misericórdia
solar do Cambarinho
Alminha do Cambarinho
Edifício da Câmra Municipal
Anta da Malhada
Praia fluvial de S. Pedro


An open town

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Situated at the heart of Lafões zone, the town of Vouzela is situated in the middle of the hill in the meeting point of Vouga and Zela rivers. Its name derives from these rivers. Corn, wine and livestock breeding are the basis of its economy; however the secondary and tertiary sectors became very important in the last years. This council has an historical past and it is rich in monuments: the main church (13th century) and Misericórdia church, the pillory, the Roman bridge and the Medieval Acofra Tower, an imposing construction overlooking the lands of Caramulo. Apart from this architectural heritage, the council offers a great natural beauty, mainly the Botanical Reserve of Cambarinho, where the greatest amount of oleanders in the country can be found, a rare bus protected by beautiful lilac flowers. The fans of good gastronomy will find here some of the best dishes in the country, such as the famous Lafões veal, dry soup and fried meat speciality “rojões”. However, Vouzela is famous for its delicious pastries made of an extremely thin puff pastry and filled with soft eggs.


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