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Lifecooler is a project addressed to foreign visitors, produced by the same team as Lifecooler.com, the leading tourism and leisure portal in Portugal. Attracting one million visits per month, it was honored with the National Tourism Award.

Lifecooler is the most comprehensive site as regards Portugal tourism and travel information.

A wide team of experienced and knowledgeable writers and journalists have engaged in a deep research and data collection to produce the information now available.

The site features the most comprehensive database of Portuguese tourism resources. Structured by themes and regions, it enables searches from different geographic approaches, and from diverse tourism perspectives – 7 wide regions, 25 tourism landmarks, 50 cities and 308 municipalities.

Each of these regional units offers two different information sets: a comprehensive database of all existing tourism resources and our own selection of the best among them.

In addition to our choices on what to see and do, where to sleep and eat throughout the country, we suggest more than 90 diverse and original tours, covering all regions; a calendar of major cultural events; and special dossiers on major topics (Fado, Wine, Golf).

Lifecooler is a project by Wonderbox Portugal, SA, a company specialized in leisure and tourism in Portugal and participated by the Tourism Institute of Portugal.


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