From the north to the south, Portugal is a country with many good wines. Besides the unique Port and Madeira wines, there are over one hundred different varieties, some of excellent quality. Portugal's climate and soil, the traditional grape castes and the wisdom of the wine manufacturers all contribute for Portuguese wines to be among the most popular in the world. From table wines to the more special wines, all reflect the character of the soil and the region where they come from. All in all, there are 47 winegrowing regions.


- From the region of Minho, in the northwest of Portugal, you shouldn't miss trying Vinho Verde (green wine).


- The region of the Douro River, where vineyards are terraced in a vast expanse of natural steps along the riverbanks, produces red and white wines, as well as the famous Port wine.


- From the specified region of Dão come the renowned, flavoursome red wines, full of body.


- Near Lisbon, there are the specified regions of Bucelas, Carcavelos, whose wine has become quite rare nowadays, and Colares, where vineyards are planted in sandy ground.


- South of the river Tagus, Setúbal lends its name to a strong, sweet wine, produced mainly from the Muscatel caste.


- From the region of the Alentejo come splendid red wines, as well as some good quality whites.


- Finally, Madeira, with its sub-tropical climate, produces a wine that is known all over the world for its special characteristics.

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