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Among the diverse fields of study of the contemporary arts universe, some promising names emerge, who selected this country where they were born, Portugal, to develop their work.


Illustraation, urban craftwork, multimedia installations, video, cinema and drama are among the expressions found by these promising Portuguese, who get from their culture the inspiration to create and suprise national and international audiences.


Young and Award Winners


João Salaviza was only 25 years old when he was awarded the Golden Palm in Cannes, for his short film "Arena". That same year, in 2009, Joana Vasconcelos had one of her creations auctioned in London for 192,000 Euros. The artist has been exhibiting regularly her works in Portugal since she was 28. Rosa Pomar was in her early thirties when she began to give substance to her lovely fabric dolls, which she sends to the most distant locations; she selected Lisbon as the city where to live and to have her store.


In fact, many are the doors in the streets of the Portuguese cities and towns where we may meet the work developed by young Portuguese designers and artists. It is easy to find stores where to buy original articles - useful tools or gorgeous accessories - to use, wear or offer.


Many are the artists working with fabric, ceramics or other finer materials, whose products are for sale to the public, but not before being displayed in their specific circuits. This is the case with Lara Torres' and Sara Lamúrias' creations. These two young designers have been dazzling the public in the catwalks with their innovative, stylish, and yet affordable concepts.


From Jewellery to Illustration


Leonor Hipólito also works in the field of fashion, but it is in exhibitions that we can see her creations more often. The jewellery articles designed by her are commissioned in both collective and individual exhibitions, in Portugal, other European countries and the USA. Art galleries and museums are, therefore, places to visit in search of more conceptual works that enrich the Portuguese art heritage and the good collections.


In addition to the well known Joana Vasconcelos, many other artists, such as Vasco Araújo, André Cepeda, Tiago Dionísio and João Leonardo, just to name a few, are acknowledged in the artistic Portuguese milieu and so we can admire their work in different parts of the country.


In Lisbon, at the Museum of Design and Fashion, we can appreciate the work done by the duo Ricardo Carvalho and Joana Vilhena. Professionally experienced, they are among the youngest and most renowned architects in the country. Another place to visit is the Left Bar, the outcome of the rehabilitation of an old warehouse, located in the heart of Santos, the Lisbon neighborhood more devoted to design.


It was precisely  in Santos garden where another duo of furniture designers presented their suggestion on urban furniture, commissioned by the biennial Experimenta Design. Pedrita is the name of the studio owned by Rita João and Pedro Ferreira, two designers who work closely together on solutions that make the daily routine more enjoyable and, above all, more creative.


André Carrilho, the illustrator signing in some of the world's most reputed pages, such as the New York Times or The Independent, is joined in this art by well-known names such as João Fazenda, Margarida Borges or Vanessa Teodoro, among many others.


Concerning the performing arts, among actors and dancers, we take the director André Murraças and the choreographer André Mesquita, two young creators who have conquered a most meritorious place in the Portuguese theatres.


To Music


In Portugal, the new artists' greatest advances in music are related to the traditional Fado. Voices such as Carminho's or talented performers such as the Portuguese guitar player Ricardo Rocha guarantee a brilliant continuation of the most renowned Portuguese music. But innovation has also its say, through expressions that depict the influence of the many cultures that meet in Portugal. Norberto Lobo's guitar, the singing of Sara Tavares or the electrical Buraka Som Sistema are bright signs of e the new Portuguese sounds.


While many artists have been developing their work in Portugal, others have found abroad suitable conditions to implement their ideas. The Portuguese creativity is thus increasingly international, not only through the works taken outside, but also by the increasing number of foreign companies and studios that choose Portugal and its good climate to live and work.

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